Nonprofit Workshops - somethings have to just stop

Why do we have so much food for tea breaks? What is the objective of this? Who is really benefiting from this? I thought breaks between sessions was meant to relax the mind, have something light and refreshing to drink or to freshen up by visiting the WC.

It is time the nonprofit sector stop following or aligning to what the norm is and set a new way forward of reducing food wastage and thereby reducing health issues and saving costs.

I can just imagine how much money would be saved and how much more time will be available for the workshop and how much less time would be in slouching on the chair or falling asleep.

Another observation is this common protocol of having a keynote speaker to open the ceremony. To me, it is a waste of time. In most cases the key note speaker would not not have prepared themselves or the speech was prepared by someone else. All this is productive time wasting. Why can't we just go straight to the top topics of the day to be presented or have the panel of speakers as the opening, giving a bit of a teaser to their topics for the evening session.

It is time we do things differently. I can almost predict how every programme workshop will be that is worrying.

Finally, why do we always make it a custom to make the giving of a token of our appreciation as a ceremony in itself. Do I really care if you give something or not? Why do we need to publicise the giving. I am not against presenting a token or souvenir of appreciation but why do it during a workshop. What is the significance? This is not a farewell gift or an appreciation gift for someone who has a gone great things for your organisation, this is a workshop. Hey, after all you invited them and maybe you are even paying them to present their paper.

I am sure I will get a barrage of responses from people saying I am being totally unrealistic and even not Malaysian enough to appreciate how we do things in this country, but hey, I think, if you are a nonprofit organisation, what you want to get across at the end of the day is our mission and really that should be our top priority.

I recall Steve Jobs saying, we should always ensure the organisation is bigger than us and not the other way around. I think there is much to take from what he said moving forward.