Throwing in the keys

I never realised how painful it can be to let go something you have worked so hard to achieve and accomplish. It is never easy to let go. Saying goodbye to an organisation really means saying I am detaching and moving on to a frontier I have no idea what it will bring me.

As much as it may appear to be simple at the surface, let me tell you, the longer you have been with an organisation the more difficult it is to let go. Maybe that is why some people just don't leave and still remain until they are part of the relics of the organisation. 

It is not exactly pain that you will feel but a sense of realisation that all this while, you were just an actor in the grand scheme of things: and as you move on, the show is still going on. Chapter closed. I guess that is where the pain comes in. If ever your name is mentioned in the organisation you left, it is not because of reverence but more because of reference.

So all in all it is about removing the wrangles of attachment in such a way it becomes a long string that will be disconnected at the end. The question is at which end? Is it at the end where the person who is moving on to greener pastures or at the end where the organisation is now ready to let go a poor performer?

I guess I now understand why the wise people from the Indus valley have said in the past that detachment is the greatest freedom you can give to yourself as it will give you a peace of mind. I am at peace now with myself. It took a while but I am at peace.

Throwing in the keys was no joke, but hell, I need a new life and a new set of challenges....and I must tell you as much as it is tough in the beginning it is very invigorating in the end. Chapter closed.