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IFI is a team of consultants who are specialist in an area of management attune to the issues and concerns of a nonprofit organisation. They believe in its mission to professionalise the nonprofit sector. IFI delivers its services through its ability to align different departments, divisions or systems to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. IFI has collectively over 40 years of senior management experience in the nonprofit, corporate and government sector. The team come from across the globe and have stories to share based on what challenges they have faced during difficult times when working for or with the nonprofit sector and what they did to overcome them and what has happened since.

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Dr. Sudeep Mohandas

Co-Founder & Managing Director. Formerly the COO of an Internationally recognised Nonprofit Organisation based in Malaysia. A founding member of a few notable nonprofits in the country and an Industrial Advisor, Board Member and Mentor to nonprofit personalities, nonprofit organisations, social enterprises and universities across the globe. He has written many articles and two books associated with the nonprofit sector. He is a Certified Professional Facilitator with the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and he is currently a Director and Adjunct Professor to the International University for European Studies based in Netherlands. He lectures students at postgraduate level on decision making and problem solving. He is actively involved in the national agenda of making the nonprofit sector a force of its own to be heard.


Padma Mohandas

Co-Founder & Operations Director

She has a law degree from the University of London and a Diploma in Public Relations. Worked in the United States in the late 1990s as an educator for young children. She has over 10 years been active in providing shelter, support and education to children in need from High School to University.


Kiu Jia Yaw

Lead - Governance and Legal. He is practising lawyer and an advocate for for-purpose enterprises. He serves on the Board of Advisors of Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur (Raleigh KL), and Power Shift Malaysia, a Malaysian youth-led NGO.


Alaleh Eghbali

Lead- Analyst. She is in the midst of completing her Masters in Environmental, Biodiversity Law and Conservation. She has experience working in academia and with the nonprofit sector on human rights issues. Her international experience covers Middle East and Asia.


Jayaprakash Bhanudevan

Lead - Strategist. He is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and Chartered Global Management Accountant and a Certified Coach.


Dr. M. Jeyarajan

Lead - Programme Developer. He has close to three decades of experience in program design and management, monitoring and evaluation, staff and partner capacity development across Australia and Asia.

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Dr. Raymond Jambaya

Lead - Risk Management. He is an experienced managerial psychologist and corporate risk professional, who has worked on strategic management projects for over 10 years.


Subaashnii Suppramaniam

Lead - Human Resources Development

A Senior Lecturer at the School of Business Management – Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation. She holds a Masters in Human Resource Development and is currently pursuing her PhD in Education Management


Dr. Adriana Ortega

Lead - Organisational Development. She has extensive experience working on issues related to communities, universities, and industries in South America, UK, US and Asia related to social health, well-being, volunteerism, empowerment, inclusive leadership, youth and community sustainable development.

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Marie Tseng

Lead- Organisational Culture & Values

Marie spécialisés in cross cultural facilitation and coaching. She has been working across three continents for the past 30 years. She focuses on developing people to build compassionate, inclusive and trusting teams and organisations.